The Fruit & Veg Money Saving Experiment

With all the controversy over whether it dos actually save you money to grow your own.  I have decided to undertake an experiment to see if indeed it does.  Up until now I have not included labor and am not certain if I will although this would perhaps give a more accurate reading.

Of course there is more to having an allotment then saving money.  Having tasty veg and fruit is one, exercise another and a friendly place to spend time still another, yet it is an important consideration.

I think also that although I am not a complete beginner where gardening is concerned I am new to proper fruit and veg produce growing and new to allotments.  So it is a fairer example for newcomers to the allotment and garden than say someone who has been doing it for years.  Also I will note my triumphs and failures and learning so others can learn from it.

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