How to Grow Runner Beans

How to Grow Runer BeansLearn how to grow runner beans.  They are an easy and prolific plant to grow.  There are lots of varieties to choose from and many are stringless which are worth considering.

The flowers on the beans are great for drawing bees to your plot or garden area.

They are easily stored by freezing and blanching.

In the UK the are an annual plant.

How to Grow Runner Beans

 Easy to Grow –  Prolific Cropping

Runner beans are a great vegetable to grow.  They are easy to grow and heavy cropping.  They add height to the allotment and the flowers are attractive and come in different colours.

Growing and Sowing Runner Beans

Sow the runner beans in mid-April indoors ready to transplant.

You can sow directly into the soil outdoors from late April until late June.

Runner beans like a rich soil so ideally put newspaper and rotting compost in the winter.

Plant your bean poles before you put in your seeds or plants.  While growing runner beans make sure you water prolifically to avoid your plants drying out.  If they do the flowers will drop off and the beans will shrivel or your pods will not set.

Quick Tips:  However note that beans are popular for eating and draw mice etc so you may prefer to either buy your plants or just grow them in a small greenhouse rather than chance it.

Quick Tips: To avoid losing your plants to frost either wait until the end of May to put in the plants.  Or cover them with fleece to protect them.





A Runner Bean Planting Guide

Pests and Diseases in Runner Beans

The red spider mite and the black bean aphid.

Harvesting the Runner Beans

You can harvest from July to September/October.  Simply pick the beans every two to three days when they are about 6 inches (14cm) long.

Storing Your Runner Beans

Easy to store.  Check of damage, bugs, top and tail (take off the ends) Blanch and freeze in bags.  Some taste will be lost over time.