How to Grow Leeks

How to Grow LeeksLearn how to grow leeks as they are easy to grow but cost a reasonable amount to buy in the shops.

Leeks are a great winter crop to have in your allotment and can stay in the ground all winter until you need them or they are big enough.

What variety you choose and how you grow them will determine the shank length of your leeks.

They are great on their own or as winter soups.

How to Grow Leeks

Easy to Grow

Leeks are easy to grow and have a long harvest period.  Choose a tasty and reliable variety.  Different types of leeks have different stem thicknesses and shank lengths naturally as well.

Growing and Sowing Leeks 

A great Video showing you two methods on how to plant  leeks


leeks year chart

Leeks can be planted between March and May directly into the soil.  Make sure you have prepared it first by weeding and making sure the soil is raked over.

Increasing Shaft Length:  When the leeks grow, make sure you add soil to them banking them up to increase shank length.

Pests and Diseases in Leeks

Leeks are fairly resilient however they are prone to rust if the growing conditions are warm and humid.  You can still use the leeks if you remove the leaves however, this can be prevented by using varieties that are resistant to rust and by good gardening methods such as crop rotation. (Square foot gardeners do this slightly differently)

Harvesting Leeks

Harvest your tasty leeks from October through to February

I like leeks as they can be left in the ground until you need them which is great in the winter when you might not be on the allotment as much.

Leek Recipes and Eating

Leeks are really versatile and can be cooked as leeks or in various recipes. A favourite is leek and potato soup.