Spring is Here (Almost!) and the Allotments are Buzzing with Activity

Yay the first signs that winter is receding and spring is here.  The evenings and mornings are drawing out (finally) and this weekend saw sun, you know that ball in the sky that is so absent most of the time.

Not to be too optimistic there is still a biting wind and a chance of snow or frost but there is a lot to be done.

The allotment was busy on Sunday with everyone starting to dig ground that was too wet until recently, more clearing up and planting out of things like onions and garlic etc that some do now rather than chance the winter weather.

My allotment is still quite new so I am behind in that I must get my paths in.  They are not pretty and are not nailed neatly together like you see in the videos.  Someone kindly gave me unwanted wood someone had left them when they left their allotments and I lack equipment to cut to size etc so making them fit best as I can.

This is a personal choice, but paths I feel are worth the space they are given, if only so I don’t have to tip toe around the plants.  They give structure and make designing easier.  However as I am partly doing square foot gardening having sections that are not neatly nailed makes keeping squares a bit harder.  But hay all in good time.

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