November Storms Leave Ground Soggy

My first visit in November and for a while due to having a bad back which keeps collapsing.  I know it was dodgy but I thought I would try to dig as I have onions and shallots that need planting.

I walked there with a walking stick just in case.  Unfortunately it took double the length of time to walk to the allotment than normal.  By the time I arrived I was shattered.  So I just checked everything over and picked some brussels.

My green manure is doing well in two beds but rubbish on the third one.  My brussel sprouts had mostly gone over and where more like mini cabbages than tight brussels.  I picked them anyway.  It’s not the end of the world I have more coming and can try again next year.  I will probably freeze some of the tighter ones for Christmas lunch.

Things have calmed down a lot now so not so many people are visiting as much.  I am concerned that I won’t get to do my final dig before the ground becomes completely unworkable for winter.  Still you can only do what you can do.

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