New Season 2016 The Threat of Eviction Looms

The threat of eviction of the allotmenteers to make way for building houses had no effect on the enthusiasm yesterday .  It was sunny and the allotmenteers were out in force when I arrived late morning.

Our contracts start on the first of March.  This year with them came the letter saying that they are in negotiation to sell the land for housing.

I hadn’t been up to the allotment much at all and nothing in winter due to a bike fall last year that smashed up my back.  Making the two mile round trip nearly impossible and very painful.  So, I was late starting.

I admit I was surprised at how quickly I dug over the beds, much faster than previous years.  I guess all my hard work has paid off and now the soil contained in small beds is easier to work.  I managed three beds when previously I would have done only one.  Or I guess it is because I have started later which means the soil is not so wet, but with the constant very heavy rain  last winter I do not think it is that.

I’d also forgotten how great it feels to do the allotment as from late June onward last year I didn’t enjoy it and only really went to harvest things when I had a lift.  Ironically, last year was a bumper crop year for me.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to water anything due to the excess of rain and my fruit, marrows and summer squash grew well.

I even helped supply my mums retirement row of bungalows with cucumbers, squash marrows beans etc and have plenty to still have some veg and fruit in the freezer now.  All that from my tiny plot which is a fraction of the size of a normal council one.

This year I am taking it easy as still in a lot of low back pain.  I have decided not to do anything too fancy as although they grew well my Inca berries didn’t ripen soon enough.  And I will remove onions and add more leeks for a better return.  I have also decided to reduce the amount of runner beans I will grow, there are only so many beans a person can eat after all.

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