Nearly May Already

Well as April draws to a close I am reviewing my  progress on the allotment.  My new half plot is coming on well.  I now have the structure in and some apples that are flowering, raspberries that were tranfered from my other plot and a Tayberry that my sister gave me.

My Pine berries and Rhubarb are growing fine.  The rest has been or is being dug over.  One part I have given over to wild flowers in the hope that it will help the bees.  There is still a lot to do and if my Inca Berries grow they will also be going into this plot.  I have also just planted two Goji Berry bushes one in my fruit plot and one in my other plot.

My main plot is waiting for produce to go in.  The potatoes are in but it all seems very slow this year.  Still it has given it time for the green manure to rot in a bit more.  Mum visited a local farm and has bought some brassicas that are already well established.  Unfortunately she got carried away and bought far too many.  I feel a bit bad in not taking them all but if I did I would have too many growing at once.  I asked for 8 and she has 25!

My experiments (with the exception of the carrots) are under way.  I must remember to photograph them.

I had a spot of bother with someone planting apple trees along my border, although not a problem now they will be.  Fortunately the farmer agrees and he is being asked to move them.  It is a huger relief as I didn’t want to have to move my plot.

This year different people are looking after the allotments so now we have the carrot club, for snacks and drinks.  Sometimes they do a complete fry up!  We have a new newsletter as well which is a great idea and gives a sense of community.  This year there may be two BBQs as well.

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