Border Forks, Great For Small Places or Smaller Feet

Border forks are great for borders, weeding, lifting and compost.  They are also great for small places, ladies and smaller people with small feet.  I tend to use mine for all my main digging rather than a bigger fork as I find the larger forks too heavy to work with.

I would not recommend these as your main digging tool unless you are a smaller person and struggling with the larger ones.  I would say anyone with up to a size 5 (38) foot could use one of these if they wanted to.  Larger feet tend to slip off the edges.  Mine do sometimes but feel this is a good compromise for me personally rather than struggling.

They should be the same in all ways as a larger fork but just not as heavy and wide.  Though of course these days there are stronger and lighter materials even for bigger forks.

Below are some examples of Border Forks from the low, mid and high price ranges along with what you can expect to get and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Great Value for a Budget Fork


This is a great tool for someone who is shorter as it is smaller and at just under 2kg which is quite light (about the weight of an average laptop).  This will make it easier to use and work your plot.

This fork has extremely good feedback for a tool in the lower end of the price range.  It is also a traditional ash wood which many people will love.

It is made of heat treated carbon steel and is epoxy coated to protect it from rust which is always important if you are getting carbon steel as opposed to steel.

What drew me to this fork is the shaft is made of ash.  I like many others love the traditional wood finish.  Also, I took note of the fact is looks like the grain is fairly straight.

The handle also looks comfy and easy to grasp and well positioned for easy digging.

While it is well made and quite good value for the price I feel that it isn’t suited to the heavier clay soils and would be OK for the lighter soils.

In my view, it would be better if you need something stronger to go for the mid or higher range of forks.

Spear & Jackson - Elements Border Fork

Mid to Higher Value Fork for Longer Lasting Usage


Again excellent feedback.  I do feel for only a few pounds more you are getting a lot more quality for your money.





Draper Expert 36677 Stainless Steel Heritage Border Fork with FSC Certified Ash Handle

Just comparing the two heads this looks stronger but then the original price of this fork is in the higher range.  This one is made of hardened steel so you don’t have to worry about rust.  It is a strong fork.

I love the wood shafts, the quality wood ones were much more expensive than the plastic and take more care.

I like that this fork’s shaft is created from FSC forest wood so you know you are not damaging the environment when buying it.

I was surprised at the weight only being just under 1.5kg though that is still quite light for such a strong fork.

I love that the handle is easy to grip as this is great to ease the pressure on your hands.

Mid to Higher Range For Long Lasting Durability

What I like about this fork is it is a strong traditional heard wearing designed fork.

It comes from a company that has been making garden tools in England for 200 years. They make quality tools.

Because it is solid forged out of one piece of unique specification steel that makes it very strong and less likely to break.

The grain in the ash handle is completely straight.

Bulldog Premier Border Fork

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