A Garden Storage Box, a Great Solution for Allotment or Garden Clutter

Garden storage boxes are great for allotments, gardens, yards, and balconies. Anywhere, in fact, you cannot or do not want to have a larger shed.  They are often a fraction of the price of sheds and are also mobile.  They are great for storing tools, other equipment, and cushions near where you want them.

My Shiny New Garden Storage Box

This one was my birthday present from my mum this year, who I suspect got fed up with me moaning about hurting myself trying to get to my tools in the allotment’s only shed.  I was completely floored, what a lovely gift and totally unexpected.

I guess you have to be an allotmenteer (or gardener) to appreciate it. But, I was over the moon.  After a few years of walking up to the shed at the top of the field and then often battling through junk to get out your tools, it is fantastic. (Although I confess they had tidied it last time I went up)

What I have found with many of these is they don’t always fit in your tools like your forks and spades (my sisters doesn’t).  This one does which is fantastic.  It says a total of 114cm but I think that includes the wheels and handles.

garden storage box

A Plastic, Outdoor Garden Tool Storage Box Chest, Shed with a Lid and Wheels 114cm x 51cm x 56cm (LxWxD)

We had such fun trying to put it together.  I think it was meant to be easy but we were in stitches.  Seriously, I think had we videoed it, we would have gone viral on YouTube!  I couldn’t get the panels in.  I’d push and push then all of a sudden it would go in very easily.  Mum’s panels went in fine.  I am not sure I was doing it right as you didn’t really need to push hard.  It is all very clever with click-and-fit panels and no extra tools.  I think we should have put the box together at the allotment, but it did fit on the back seat of the car.

It gets loads in and keeps things dry and is a vast improvement on my previous storage solution for smaller items, which was my compost bin!

It is reasonably sturdy but I wouldn’t want to sit on it for any length of time. I confess I use mine as a table!

My Box Contents So Far

One Fork, spade, trowel, dibber, sieve, membrane, chicken manure, my mum’s edger, 3 red 10-litre watering cans (these take up a lot of space) a few small pots, garden net, a tape measure, and a plastic cereal container, that I can remember.  So, they hold quite a lot of stuff.

On the Downside
It is not long enough for rakes or hoes. Of course on the allotment with wood chips, there’s not much point to having 2 wheels either, lol.

Other Popular Choices of Storage Box for your Garden

These two boxes below are popular.  One of the things that people say in the reviews is not to buy the cheap ones as they are not very good value for money and don’t last.  They are less sturdy and do not wear so well.  By cheap, I think by looking at the reviews they mean the boxes that are about £30, which are the cheap ones, but personally, I don’t think that is very cheap for a plastic box.

The Garden Seat Storage Box

garden storage box

This one is sturdy yet lightweight and easy to put together and in minutes.  One thing discussed was that someone put on a long hooked lock.  This is a very good idea and one I didn’t think of.  This makes opening it easier.

This box is a bit longer than mine at 140cm.

And, wait for it – you can sit on it!!  Always handy in space-strapped gardens and allotments.  Just pop on some cushions and you have extra seating.

Plastic 390L A Beige Garden Storage / Comfy Cushion Box / Shed with sit on lid

Seating and Box Combined

Garden seating storage box

I have seen one of these types of seats at out allotment.  They are very clever as you get a proper seat. This one is the same length as the other box at 140cm.

The seat is very sturdy and stands up to all weathers including snow. And holds, snow removal spades, brushes and other longer tools.

This one takes longer to put together.  You would expect that as there is more to it (I dread to think how long it would have taken mum and me!)

On the downside, the instructions are not so great.

Keter Eden Plastic Garden Storage Bench Box - A huge 265 Litre capacity Brown

The Question of Locking Sheds or Boxes

There is a hole for a padlock to go fit on the box for added security.

One of the frequent debates that come up on the allotment chat is should you lock your sheds?  As on the allotment wherever you are there is always the risk of a break-in or vandals.  Many people say not to bother as the thieves will simply damage the shed to get to what they think is valuable anyway.

On our site due to not being allowed large sheds many have smaller ones or these boxes and they are locked.  So, it is a matter of choice as to which you think is best.  Our one and only allotment shed has had its doors ripped open twice in about 8 years.

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