The Annual Allotment BBQ!

photo of allotmentSaturday 17th of August is our annual allotment BBQ.  The tent was set up and we even had loos for the ladies!

We all brought some food but there was already lots there.  This is the 6th year it has run but the last 5 no one has turned up.  Well I was determined to go no matter the weather.  Unfortunately it was heavy rain with wind later.  With a mile to get there I was going to get soaked before I even started.  I went anyway.

We had a great time, there was music of sorts and someone made some very potent punch.  It was great to chat to some I hadn’t had chance to get to know before.  It was lovely to see that those who had put in the effort had the rewards of seeing people actually turn up.

I am so grateful that our allotment is so friendly.  My sister watches Allotment Wars and she says that some are totally evil.

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