My Currants Have Blown the Money Saving Experiment Out of the Water

blackcurrant photoI am now up to 16.36 lb of black currants.  I have worked this out that these two bushes alone have blown the experiment wide open.  If you take the price of red currents (sorry there seem to be no black ones on the market at the moment and these are the nearest I can get)  which are £2 for 150g.  This means that the total supermarket cost of these would be a huge £98.

Photo by kahvikisu

However I have since discovered that you can actually get organic currants fast frozen from a specialist for £14 for 3kg which reduces the amount down to about £32.  This isn’t nearly so impressive and doesn’t even pay for the allotment.

Since I am going on supermarket costs and wouldn’t normally go to a specialist I am running with those costs.  However all things need to be considered if looking to see if there are savings.

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