Easy Errect Polytunnel Kit Review

Palm Springs Polytunnel kit

An Easy to Put up Polytunnel Kit To Suit Most Allotments and Gardens

This is an ideal polytunnel kit that is great value for money and is also a good size and reasonably sturdy for most gardens or allotments.

It has a strong frame with bars.  It also comes complete with fixing pegs.

The Review of the Palm Springs Poly Tunnel


The Overall Size

The polytunnel is 4.5 metres Long by  2 metres wide and 2 metres in height.  This is approximately  14ft 9.17 long 6ft 6.74in wide and  6ft 6.74in in height.

The Frame Material and Size

The frame  25mm and is fully galvanised steel to help prevent rust.  There is also a full ground bar for additional strength and support both sides.

The Doors of the Tunnel

There is only one door at one end of the tunnel so you need to make certain it is pointing the right way.

Are there Spare or Replacement Covers that Fit this Polytunnel?

The availability of spare and/or replacement covers is essential if possible.  These are available for this sized tunnel if you want or need them.

On the Downside

There are no detailed instructions to put the tunnel up. Also, the zips seem to be a general weakness.

Where to Anchor the Tunnel

It is vital to anchor the tunnel well so it does not blow away.  The frame has braces, however, the pegs are meant to anchor into soil or grass and not concrete as they are designed to dig into the ground.

How Easy is it to Assemble?

It is fairly easy to assemble.

How many People Can Put it Up?

Due to its size and height and the amount of the cover it really needs more than one person to put it up for ease.  Some people have erected it on their own but at least two people will save time and stress.

Is a Polytunnel Sturdy?

Overall the tunnel is quite strong and sturdy.  It is made of quite strong 140G material that is transparent.

How Does it Stand Up to Strong Winds?

It will rip in strong winds but then with the winds we have had recently there are many tunnels that have ripped.  Although it is fairly sturdy in bad weather and doesn’t tend to blow away as a general rule.  If winds are an issue in your area you may prefer a tunnel with a more gradual slant.

How Well Does it Retain Heat?

This tunnel is a very good heat retainer.  It is easy enough to reduce the heat by opening the door or side vents for instance.

Do You Need to Get Anything Else?

Yes, you will also need some hotspot tape to protect those areas that are prone to getting hotter than the rest of the tunnel.  It’s only about £3 and will help to lengthen the life of your cover.

Depending on what you want to do with it, you may also need trays or beds for inside.

Overall, Is this Kit Value for Money?

palm springs polytunnel palm springs polytunnel gardenThis is a great polytunnel for the price and great value for money.  As with anything like this, it is prone to some quite harsh conditions and can rip and wear due to the weather or sunlight.  You also need to be careful of the zips.

The Palm Springs 2m x 4.5m Polytunnel Greenhouse and 25mm Frame this set includes Anchor Pegs

I recommend that you take a look at this tunnel and take into consideration some of the pointers here.  If any are of concern or you want a different size, for example, you can then use that information to look at the others also supplied to see if they fit your needs better.  If you live in a particularly windy area you might want a stronger cover for instance.  There are lots of detailed reviews to help.

Great Reasons Why You Should Get a PolyTunnel

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