Anti Hotspot Tape to Protect Your Poly-tunnels Weak Spots

anti hotspot tapeAnti hotspot tape is a great way to prolong the life of your polytunnel covers by reducing the damaging effects of the sun on the plastic coverings.

Why use Anti Hotspot Tape?

  • It prevents heat build up on areas like the frame or hoops etc.
  • The tape prolongs the life of your poly tunnel or greenhouse covers.
  • It also prevents rips and tears of your covers.
  • Save you time and money due to damaged covers.
  • Helps reduce friction caused by wind and movement.


What length is Best to Get?

The length you need will depend on the size of your greenhouse or poly tunnel.  Many tapes are sold in different lengths, however, depending on the size of your frame and whether you want to cover specific areas or all of it will determine how much tape you will need.  The roll here as an example is 9m long.  So you will need about 2 rolls on average.  You may want to work out the overall length of your frame.

The tapes also come in different widths depending on which tape you decide to get.  Usually, these are 20, 25mm and 30mm wide.

It is also important that the tape you choose sticks really well to the metal frame.

It may pay to buy one longer tape rather than two shorter ones to get the best value.

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