Allotment Expansion Next Year

Next year I have decided to expand my allotment size.  Although it is plenty big enough for my needs I feel the need for more fruit and want to expand to asparagus.  This will only be half the size of the one I  have and I am sharing it with someone if that is OK with the owner.

Due to both time and energy constraints I am making sure that I am putting down membrane and weed suppressants where I can and a path.  This will cut down on weeding and will hopefully mean that when the others look around they will see my plot as well tended and not the cause of their weed problems.


I don’t want to be one of those people whose plot is too big for them to manage.  so need to do what I can to reduce weeding and other time consuming chores while keeping on top of everything.  Fruit isn’t too time consuming except during picking.

As I have said before having too many weeds is a huge crime among allotment owners and one likely to get you on the bad side of everyone very quickly.

So this will give me a good supply of fruit.  This was the biggest saving this year and as you get so little for your money in the supermarkets and it is really old or having been almost frozen I feel this is a good investment.

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