A Year On The Allotment – My Yearly Update

Well it is September now and a whole year on the allotment has come to a close.  I am preparing the allotment for the winter days ahead and reviewing my progress.

I am very happy with the outcome this year.  It was a lot of work getting all the bed in early on.  those that I couldn’t quite do have been reinforced now the beds are coming empty again.

To reduce my work for next year I have started to put wood bark down on top of weed suppression membrane.

It was a late start due to very severe weather for this part of the country.  A vicious north wind made it cold until June.  The end of May saw many people losing their crops especially runner beans.  Mind did recover in the end and I still had a good crop from them.

In spite of this many of my crops were very successful and I am happy with the results.  The broccoli, onions and cabbages all did really well.  The raspberries didn’t do so well but they were late in.  The Blackcurrants did well but were very sour and quite small so I will be giving them a good prune this year (no more than 1/3 though)

The plots are really tiny so I will be expanding in March for another 1/2 a plot for my fruit and Asparagus plants.

My advice to anyone who is thinking of starting.  Do it now.  Don’t wait until the spring.  You can get a lot done now and this is often when people leave and you stand a better chance of getting a plot.

Research as much as you can from other allotment owners if you can and books.  While this is not an academic exercise you can save time, money and failure by learning in advance.

This site is designed to help.  It is not a perfect you do this, this and this and it works, it is a site that is written by a real allotment owner about what is really happening down on the allotment.

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