Wow New Fruit Bushes Yay!

An un expected visit to a DIY garden area resulted in an unexpected spend on fruit, they weren’t there last time I looked.  So  one blueberry, one red current and one Loganberry was planted yesterday so my plot is starting to really come together.  Also one of the other allotmenteers kindly gave me some red onions so they got planted as well.


The problem with having a small space is you need to ignore the planting spaces on the fruit and veg.  My Loganberry says allow 2 meters! Yipes one whole section just for one plant – I don’t think so.  After a chat with one of the other allotmenteers I decided to take his advice and plant fruit at 18 inches.  So now instead of one plant I can get the originally planned 8/9 plants in the same area.

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