Summer is Finally Here. Yay!

Well after a very prolonged and cold winter summer has finally arrived.  Even now though the wind has a sharp edge to it.

I have been spending some time most days on my plot either planting (actually mostly planting), weeding or organizing my plot.

Now watering has become vital so I have to either go later or really early before I start working.

I defiantly need another watering can!

The harsher weather has taken it’s toll with many gardeners losing their bean crops towards the end of May to a particularly harsh frost for this time of year.  The potatoes got hit too.

My runner beans and french beans got hit hard so I trimmed back all the dead leaves to see what would happen while I grow some more.  With a bit of TLC they are actually starting to recover.

I also lost two of my new fruit bushes as they just were too new to cope.

On the up side I am so chuffed my onions I planted in autumn are about ready to start eating and I have had a few of those.  For some reason having onions has impressed me more that they made it than the veg crops, perhaps because they were in for so long.  Cutting into them and popping them into recipes or salad was very satisfying.

I have discovered that my allotment just isn’t big enough to do what I want it to, so I either have to rearrange or change things or get another half a plot for my fruit bushes and longer lasting plants.


I am really happy with my brassicas as they are looking really well and green – now to keep them like that.

My raspberries are feeble and a disappointment.

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