My Allotment Planning (Almost) One Year On

As I said when I started this is a site that tracks progress or lack of, a site where I learn and expand as I go and give knowledge based on that.

I have just been reviewing all my pages as I had to move my website so have had to re do all the photos and pages. (long story)

It is so funny reading what I wrote a year ago.  Oh so much has changed since then.  The basic knowledge I gained was sound, how I use it is different now.

When I first started I kept the center path and planted lots of kale and cabbages down one side.  This quickly became a pain and I have since in put several paths of varying widths as I have found this is well worth the space.

With confidence comes experimentation.  Much of what I said I still hold by, however I would be more than happy to expand my crops to the slightly more complicated ones.  Or try out more seeds.

However having said that there is a farm near here that supplies individual plants for only 20 pence each which means you can get a head start on planting.

My planning now is much simpler as I have a rough structure that I am happy with.  However some of the beds may be re-sized as I have decided that my raspberries need to be in a proper row.

One of my beds is smaller and they should all be the same size for better crop rotation.

The allotment is too small for so much fruit so I am thinking of expanding.

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