June 8th to 24th Thoughts and Tasks

This week has seen some success with my onions starting to be ready.  Some failures with my beans and most other peoples having been caught in a particularly nasty frost the last Saturday in May.  And some challenges with my onions and other things starting to bolt due to a shortage of water.

In spite of watering things it just hasn’t been enough and I have found a few things are going to seed before their time.  Onions planted in the autumn have a tendency to do this anyway but other things like my Silver Leaf Beet and salad leaves etc are doing the same.

I will have to find a more effective way to water for future years.  I don’t have access to mains so no irrigation systems.  I find watering cans can only do so much.

Rain has finally started, giving the plants a well needed boost.  Though I think that is will not be enough.  A second watering can has been purchased in the hope that I can do enough trips to the water supply.  My own water butt has little water in it.

I was so excited when my first onions were finally large enough to use.  Not as big as the shops but they should be by the end of June.  So fresh and tasty.

I finally had enough time to weed my path so the plot is starting to look tidy.

More wood has meant I will have enough to finish off my beds.  I have them measured and ready to go.

I suspect that when I water my fruit bushes I am watering stalks, I don’t think they made it through the cold winter.  I will get more and see if they can have added protection.

A lovely surprise, my sister treated me to some stake balls.  I searched high and low for balls at the end of last year.  There was very little and what was there was expensive.  Even the alternatives like kids balls.  This year she found some and they are brilliant.

It has been a much quieter month this month what with the rain helping to water all my plants.  I have been able to do other things.

The strawberries were a huge disappointment with the weather and the slugs I have had only 6 so far out of four rows.  They actually tasted though.  I am wondering if they have had one too many years.  Still my new plants will be ready for next year and I can replace the old with other fruit bushes.

It is possible that the reasons my onions were smaller is due to the viscous winds on the allotment as my neighbours were much larger and they say it is not due to variety.  Perhaps give them some shelter next time.

I had my fist peas! Yay.  I wasn’t going to do peas but decided to do the sugar snap ones.  I only had three but they were bug free and very tasty and were plenty along with the kale leaves I picked

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