What to Look For in Quality Women’s Wellington Boots

quality Women's wellington boots

While fashion may be important to many women, practicality while on the allotment is essential.  After all, what good is a fashion boot if your feet are soggy and wet or you slip due to poor tread? Finding good quality boots that are waterproof and have good solid tread is difficult sometimes. Finding ones that last is even harder. Yet without them working on your allotment is much harder and can even be dangerous. So what do you need in a quality boot and which ones will actually do the job? Wellie Boots and Me – Why The Right Wellies are a Must I grew up in the countryside and when we were young wellingtons were simple.  We had green!  They were sturdy and practical and although didn’t cost the earth were made to last.  Dad had ones with steel toe caps as he worked outside.  I remember one year having to … Continue reading

Why Not Grow Cucamelons? Easier and Tastier Than Your Average Cucumber

Discovering Cucamelons What Are Cucamelons? The Cucamelon: The cute, tiny and tangy fruit that looks like a mini watermelon is about to take off in the UK. Tasty and easy to grow, they are something a bit different to add to your normal allotment crop.   Are they GMO? These days you never know. The first thing I did was do an internet search asking if Cucamelons are GMO or not.  I came up with a Daily Mail article that quite clearly says that they are not some GMO weird hybrid.  Thank goodness. They come from central America and they are a delicacy there.  They taste like a lime and a cucumber combined.  Cucamelons are also so tiny only about the size of your average grape or the end of your finger.  Believe it or not, they have also been popular since pre-Columbian times. The Nine Great Things About Cucamelons They are very easy to grow. They … Continue reading

Slug Wars – 13 Organic Solutions to Stop Slugs Eating Your Veg (Pt2)

garden slug

Organic Slug Control Methods For those of us that do not want to use potentially harmful chemicals There are lots of possible organic slug killing solutions to getting rid of this persistent garden pest without using chemicals that harm plants and animals. Some work better than others, and some are best used as a combination of a major attack plan to get rid of slugs from your plot or garden as quickly as possible. Slugs hide out in the soil, decaying vegetation and under pots or the side of raised beds.  They are extremely resourceful. A constant action is needed to prevent them from eating everything. Below is a list of possible organic slug killing solutions  that you can use to stop, slow down and kill the slugs in your garden. Organic or Non-Toxic Methods of Slug Removal Salt barrier Egg Shells Coffee Grounds (organic only) Hair Ducks Wool pellets … Continue reading

Slug Wars: The Battle Continues! How To Kill Slugs


On Gardeners World, Monty Don said that he gets more letters about how to kill slugs or get rid of them than all the others put together.  They are the most annoying of pests on the allotment. There seem to be as many ways suggested to get rid of them as there are slugs! (OK slight exaggeration) So what is the solution?  Is there one?  Every year when you take your plants to the allotment or put them out in the garden and sometimes even before, the battle begins. (Note:  If you do nothing it is not a battle it is a massacre and in the slugs favour) (Note:  If you do nothing it is not a battle it is a massacre and in the slugs favour) Slug Wars, How to Defend Against and Kill this Annoying Garden Pest I have looked into every angle I could find and will … Continue reading

How to Choose a Garden Sieve

Metal Garden Potting sieve Photo

Why Use A Garden Sieve? There are several different reasons for using a garden soil sieve in your allotment or garden.  You may want to remove stones or weeds or make your soil much finer.  Many gardeners prefer fine soil when they are planting out small seeds directly into the soil as this saves the seed from having to struggle against large clumps of soil or stones thus aiding growth. Another reason is that when things like carrots hit stones they can become flawed or even split into two.  Having a fine soil around them will help them to grow straight and strong. Not everyone will sieve their soil or compost.  It will depend on your own preferences and if you feel this will help you. When to Sieve Compost Ideally, when potting up seeds and seedlings you would want seed compost.  However, if your budget doesn’t allow for the … Continue reading

A Garden Storage Box, a Great Solution for Allotment or Garden Clutter

garden storage box

Garden storage boxes are great for allotments, gardens, yards and balconies. Anywhere, in fact, you cannot or do not want to have a larger shed.  They are often a fraction of the price of sheds and are also mobile.  They are great for storing tools, other equipment and cushions near where you want them. My Shiny New Garden Storage Box This one was my birthday present from my mum this year, who I suspect got fed up with me moaning about hurting myself trying to get to my tools in the allotment’s only shed.  I was completely floored, what a lovely gift and totally unexpected. I guess you have to be an allotmenteer (or gardener) to appreciate it. But, I was over the moon.  After a few years of walking up to the shed at the top of the field then often battling through junk to get out your tools … Continue reading

What Makes a Great Gardening Shoe?

Garening Shoe

After much research on the Wellington boot and on various other gardening boots and mucker’s I decided that for some occasions the Welly shoe would be the better bet. I walk to the allotment.  A Wellington boot is heavy and an awkward shape, especially when there are lots of plants or other bits to carry. On our allotment, the grass between plots is often cut so you can get away with a Welly shoe sometimes instead of a boot.  (Although this is not always the case then you get soggy trousers!). So, after traipsing around various shops and garden centres one thing became clear – they didn’t have what I was looking for.  The shoes they sold were more like clogs with either backs or low backs, really!?  These are great for slipping on in the garden and great for slipping over too – not much use for the allotment. So, … Continue reading

Anti Hotspot Tape to Protect Your Poly-tunnels Weak Spots

Anti hotspot tape is a great way to prolong the life of your polytunnel covers by reducing the damaging effects of the sun on the plastic coverings. Why use Anti Hotspot Tape? It prevents heat build up on areas like the frame or hoops etc. The tape prolongs the life of your poly tunnel or greenhouse covers. It also prevents rips and tears of your covers. Save you time and money due to damaged covers. Helps reduce friction caused by wind and movement. ANTI HOTSPOT TAPE What length is Best to Get? The length you need will depend on the size of your greenhouse or poly tunnel.  Many tapes are sold in different lengths, however, depending on the size of your frame and whether you want to cover specific areas or all of it will determine how much tape you will need.  The roll here as an example is 9m … Continue reading

Easy Errect Polytunnel Kit Review

Palm Springs Polytunnel kit

An Easy to Put up Polytunnel Kit To Suit Most Allotments and Gardens This is an ideal polytunnel kit that is great value for money and is also a good size and reasonably sturdy for most gardens or allotments. It has a strong frame with bars.  It  also comes complete with fixing pegs. The Review of the Palm Springs Poly Tunnel The Overall Size The polytunnel is 4.5 metres Long by  2 metres wide and 2 metres in height.  This is approximately  14ft 9.17 long 6ft 6.74in wide and  6ft 6.74in in height. The Frame Material and Size The frame  25mm and is fully galvanised steel to help prevent rust.  There is also a full ground bar for additional strength and support both sides. The Doors of the Tunnel There is only one door at one end of the tunnel so you need to make certain it is pointing the right way. Are there Spare or … Continue reading